Dont you ever allow or let your life to be controlled by someone. The way you are you are just fine don’t you ever underestimate yourself. We live our lives the way we understand and believe that what we are doing is right.No one has a right to come out of blue and tell you what that the life you are loving is wrong and it doesn’t suit you, who the hell they think they are?….

There are people who act like they know about other people’s lives but they failed to look after themselves and look for what suits them. You can’t say you will make someone’s life better while yours is not fixed.

Live the life you understand and able to live. There is no one who has a right to teach you how to live your life. You must be who you are to live a better life. Don’t wish to live other people’s lives. It is fun to be who you are. So love yourself the way you are.


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